Lorraine the Trainer asked me to bring Zahra’s pedigree to our first training session.  She’s hoping for clues about what the various breeders that put this dog together may have prioritized.

Zahra’s dame’s name is Zsalya and she came from Zöldmáli, which claims to be “the World’s No.1 dual purpose Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla kennel.”  So that seems like a good start… Zsófia Miczek, the kennel’s breeder, was interviewed for an article in the August 2017 issue of Gundog Magazine.

I really like this shot of Zsalya’s dad from Zöldmáli:


Zsalya lives near Turkey Point, Ontario, Canada and is owned by Dream Vizslas, who bred our Zahra.

I don’t know as much about Zahra’s sire. His name is Csipes von Schattenaugen.  He’s listed as “NAVHDA NA Pz I/UT Pz III”.  NAVHDA is the North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association, and that scoring says he did really well at 14 months on the Natural Ability test and did pretty well on the Utility Test, which he took at 3.5 years (according to NAVHDA online records).


Casual Water Time


We’ve had a week of summer weather here in the Northeast US and I wanted to get Zahra into some water before it gets too cool. She’ll be quite a bit older next Spring.

The idea here was to keep it casual and low-stress with some play time at a quiet boat launch. Zahra was able to walk in and out at her own pace. I walked in with my fishing waders on, hoping her puppy follow-the-boss instinct would kick in.

It didn’t, but treats worked!


Age: 12.5 weeks.