Gun Dog

Zahra had a great time in the field today.  Trainer Lorraine set her up with two chukars and she found and flushed them both. We’ve done this exercise a few times before, but today the pup heard a shotgun for the first time.

To prep for this session, I grabbed some lightweight target load. I went looking for the lowest velocity shot I could find for my 12 gauge over/under. (Of course, it would have made sense to use a smaller gauge gun, but I don’t own one!)  I may have done better at a specialty shop, but the best I could find at the big box sports store was a Winchester “Light Lead Load” that was on a buy-one-get-one clearance. I can’t find these shells on the Winchester site – they’re labeled “USA Game & Target” and are rated at 2 3/4 dram equivalent, 1180 feet per second, with a #6 shot.

Being a training session, our chukar’s location was marked with orange tape in some tall brush. As Zahra approached that area, I handed my gun to the trainer, and walked in with her for the flush. When the bird took flight, our trainer fired a round in the air from probably 30 feet away. Zahra, already giving chase, didn’t even notice.

Good dog!


Age: 4 months



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